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Hanging with Ash, Rick and Carmen, All About The Joy Thursdays

March 12, 2023 Carmen Lezeth Suarez Episode 71
All About The Joy
Hanging with Ash, Rick and Carmen, All About The Joy Thursdays
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Had so much fun chatting with a couple of friends in the neighborhood from the good 'ole days when we first met. A few more are in the chat, chiming in with more funnyisms and joy!  We cover me quitting my job (or wanting to), staying away from toxicity, relationship questions for men and women and answering all the "What If You Were On an Island..." questions and so much more!  Enjoy the podcast, but check us out on YouTube as well -- and if you want to join in on the Live Stream, you can catch it most everywhere at 6pm Eastern on Thursdays! 

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Music By Geovane Bruno, Moments, 3481
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Host, Carmen Lezeth

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What Ash's Is Doing
Ash's New Podcast Show
Getting Better at Advertising Ourselves
Quite My Job Again Yesterday
Rick's Update - Vacation?
Le Questions for Ash and Rick
How Ash Eats Prime Rib Vs the rest of us?
Rick's Choice for his 90 days on an Island
Work Negativity and Toxicity
Talking About Men - What Questions Do you Have?
What's a Bad Boy? And Why Do Women Like them?