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The World of Ghostwriting: A Conversation with Douglas Glenn Clark

August 27, 2023 Carmen Lezeth Suarez Episode 95
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The World of Ghostwriting: A Conversation with Douglas Glenn Clark
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Ever wondered about the secret world of ghostwriting? Pull up a chair, sip on some coffee, and join us for an engaging discussion with Douglas Glenn Clark, a seasoned professional from this intriguing field. From his early days as a journalist to the reality of penning words for others, Douglas takes us on a fascinating exploration of what a ghostwriter does when it comes to writing work for others. We also unravel the art of ghostwriting, shedding light on how it helps authors express their narratives, and uncover some well-known books with unexpected ghostwriters behind them!

In the second half, we dive into the world of pen names, a tool that authors use to create different identities. You'll be hooked as we chat about notable authors such as J.K. Rowling and Stephen King’s son who utilized pseudonyms to distance themselves from their famous works or families. Furthermore, we delve into the intricate web of ghostwriting contracts, the potential monetary value in writing, and the risky but often necessary decisions of ghostwriters to accept pay for a book instead of waiting for royalties. By the end of this episode, you will have an understanding of the ghostwriting industry, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in the writing world.

(This podcast episode was shortened for time. Please visit the full video on YouTube if you'd like to hear more). 

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